Floordom, what can I say? There are no words to describe this Company and their staff.

We had stairs that were a “nightmare from hell.” No treads or risers that were the same. The treads were so narrow that it was difficult to walk on them. The risers were so different in height which made it a death trap. Several companies came and went saying that there was nothing they could do. Imraan (Floordom) had a look and said “we can do this.” Well that was hard to believe considering the negative response from others.

The end result is amazing. The dedication and professionalism of Imraan and his entire staff was incredible. No problem was without a solution. The treads are now wider and all the same as are the risers.

They look magnificent and are our pride and joy and we cannot wait to show them off to our visitors.

We would recommend the Floordom team to anyone. The dedication, professionalism and craftsmanship has to be seen to be believed. It should be noted that without the help of Mark Flack (who is a neighbour to Floordom) this task would have been way more difficult.

What was a problem that no one dared tackle, Floordom arrived and left a masterpiece behind.

Kindest Regards

Una & Malcolm