We visited a home while laminate flooring was being installed in another residence in Le Domaine.

Imraan took time to explain and demonstrate the difference between vinyl and laminated flooring to us and in general inspired confidence. We spoke to the owners of the residence who informed us that Floordom had installed flooring in their previous residence in Plantations in Hillcrest Durban. They were so happy with the result that they called Floordom back again. To us that is a very big recommendation.

We asked Imraan to give us a quote to redo the flooring in our residence. He gave us a lot of good advice. Floordom took up our carpets and some of the tiles and replaced with laminate except for the scullery where vinyl was used. They delivered up to our expectations and we are very happy with the final result. Imraan insisted his staff work to a very high standard and on occasion asked them to re-do things that he felt were not up to standard or could be improved.  We were very impressed with the way the workmen cleaned up after themselves each day and minimised the disruption to our lives. Thank you Imraan and your team,  we can definitely recommend you to all our friends.

Hazel and Allan Smith

Product: Traviata
Range: Domestik
Colour: Liguria Oak